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I looked at the map several times as I walked along but when I got to Priest Gill I looked down at my map and it was no longer there. It had been hung round my neck but was no longer there. I took off my rucksack to see if it was tangled up with it, but no joy. Looking back I could see no sign of it.

I can only presume that it had been blown off during one of the bursts of rain and wind. This left me in a bit of a quandary. On the other hand my planned route over Saddle Yoke and Peat Hill followed the fence, and at Peat Hill took the left hand fence, which would keep me away from rock outcroppings and just leave me with about m of steep descent at the end. Since I had no map I would have to follow the fence. I was surprised how much the loss of the map upset me. The one saving grace was that the rain stopped and the sun came out again.

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Saddle Yokes summits There is a faint track beside the fence heading up to Saddle Yoke suggesting that others had come the same way. When I had come off Saddle Yoke previously I had stuck to the ridge line and the ground had been deep tussocks, this was much easier going. Not far below the summit there are a couple of peat hags blocking the way and here the track ends briefly.

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Presumably walkers take different routes around these. I had forgotten that Under Saddle Yoke and its companion are conical so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the top I could see was not a false summit.

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From here I was able to look over to Carrifran Gans and see how steep my approach had been. While climbing Saddle Yoke my phone rang, so I edged to a safer section, and dug it out of my rucksack. There are two ridges leading south off Saddle Yoke, separated by Spoon Burn. I had previously climbed the western ridge but was now going to follow the eastern ridge, Peat Hill.

My heart was lifted, however, by the sight of quad bike tracks along the fence on the flatter section below me. I had worried that the final section might be too steep for me but where quad bikes can go, so can I. At the flatter section, beginning above Rispie Lairs the quad tracks led both SE and NW suggesting that there might have been a way down into Carrifran Glen, which would have been ideal for me.

So I followed the fence, and the quad tracks, though these were much fainter close up and often seemed to disappear and reappear.

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Eventaully I reached the bend in the fence that I remembered but there was only one fence leading from it. Was this the one I was to follow or not? Why oh why was my map taken from me? The quad tracks led on, so I followed them and came to a gate near the Spoon Burn. Below the gate were newly planted deciduous trees, presumably part of the Carrifran Wildwood project, amidst deep grass.

This was the steep section I had worried about. Luckily for me the quad tracks zig-zagged down through the plantation and led me past a sheep fold to the A It was then just half a mile back to the car. Carrifran Gans at the end of the day This was quite a strenuous walk initially, the ascent of Carrifran Gans sapped my energy, but beyond that the going was very easy except for Rotten Bottom.

But I suppose the name should be a clue. I usually clip my waterproof map case onto my rucksack but had disconnected it to put the case away when the weather was good. Well there's a lesson there. Click image to zoom. Prev Next.

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Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven
Castle Raven Castle Raven

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