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Book 5. In Ghostbusters , Zuul who looks like a large demonic dog is the Gate Keeper of the dimensional portal that Gozer the Gozerian arrives through. Its her? A Song of Ice and Fire has several gate guardians. The Night's Watch guard the passages through the Wall, a feet high and miles long structure that separates the North from the the lands beyond the Wall.

They fight off repeated assaults from Wildlings attempting to invade Westeros, but the true threat they guard against are the Others. The Bloody Gate, the entrance into the Vale of Arryn, is guarded by a small garrison under the command of the Knight of the Bloody Gate, who traditionally asks "Who would pass the Bloody Gate? At the start of the series, the position is held by Ser Brynden Tully, but he resigns the post to fight for his grand-nephew in the War of the Five Kings.

He is replaced by Ser Donnel Waynwood, who is directed by Lady Lysa Arryn to prevent any outsiders from accessing the Vale while the war is going on. Lord Nestor Royce holds the title at the start of the series, and in A Feast for Crows , the title and position are made hereditary to his line.

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Access to the region of Dorne by land is restricted to two mountain passes: the Boneway and the Prince's Pass. The Boneway is defended by a castle at Yronwood, seat of House Yronwood, with the head of the house given the title Warden of the Stone Way the colloquial name for the Boneway and is tasked with defending the gate at the end of the pass. Their sigil a black portcullis and house words "We Guard the Way" reflect this duty. In Stardust , the town of Wall appoints one of its citizens to watch the hole into Faerie to make sure none of the locals gets curious and wanders across.

The Dresden Files has the Gatekeeper, a wizard in charge of overseeing the Outer Gates which are under constant assault from Eldritch Abominations. Moving Pictures , a pastiche of film history, has the golden man, an obvious Shout-Out to the Oscar , who is at first is taken by the characters to be some kind of dangerous god sealed away behind a gate. Then they realise that the text with this information should be read right to left, and he is in fact standing in front of the gate, i. In Secret Agents Four , the protagonists make it to the top of a wall surrounding the bad guy's lair, only to discover a lion on the other side glowering up at them.

In the Starlight and Shadows trilogy, much of the plot of the second novel is driven by the struggle to control a magic portal. It connects two very strategically valuable locations, but is guarded by an extremely old and powerful banshee who does not permit any living creature to pass through. Live Action Television. He guards the entrance to the Deeper Well, hidden in a tree in the Cotswolds. Mythology and Religion. Greek mythology has several gate guardians: Cerberus is the guardian of Hades , preventing the dead from leaving as well as the living from entering the place.

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Tartarus , the deep abyss of Hades, used to be guarded by a female dragon, Campe, before Zeus killed it to free the giants imprisoned there. Later the hundred-armed giants, Hecatonchires, became the new guardians. In Roman mythology, however, Tartarus was actually guarded by a hydra.

Sepher Shimmush Tehillim;

Tisiphone of the Erinyes also known as the Furies was also said to keep guard on the top of a turret, slashing the prisoners with her whip. In common Christian depictions Saint Michael because he's the chief Heavenly Satan-stomper or Saint Peter because of Jesus giving him the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven is the guardian of the gate of Heaven.

He often looks in a book to see whether a soul has been good and can enter, or bad and has to go to Hell. In Norse Mythology , Garm was a bloodstained watchdog that guarded the gates of Hel the Norse land of the dead. Tabletop Game. With Ananda this showed as special care and effort to look after all four kinds of disciples, not only monks and laymen, but also nuns and laywomen. Without Ananda there would have been only three kinds of disciples, because it was he who was instrumental in the founding of the nun's order.

This happened as follows AN 8.

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When many nobles of the Sakya clan had become monks, their wives, sisters, and daughters also had the wish to live a life of purification under the Awakened One. A large number of Sakya ladies, under the guidance of the Buddha's stepmother, Maha-Pajapati, followed the Exalted One and tried in vain to gain permission to establish an order of nuns. Ananda saw the Buddha's step-mother with swollen feet, covered with dust, eyes full of tears at the gate of the monastery of Vesali.

When he asked her compassionately for the reason of her sorrow, she replied that the Master had three times rejected her request for the establishment of an order of nuns. Ananda decided out of compassion to intercede himself. He went to the Master, but his request was also denied three times. Then he asked: "Is a woman able to gain the fruit of stream-entry, once-returning, non-returning, and arahantship, if she leaves the household life and enters into homelessness and follows the teaching and discipline of the Exalted One?

If a woman is able to do this, Master — and moreover Maha-Pajapati Gotami has rendered great service to the Master: she is his aunt, his governess and nurse, nourished the Exalted One with her own milk after his mother died — therefore it would be well if the Blessed One would allow women to leave home for the homeless life, to follow the teaching and discipline of the Master. Ananda here brought two arguments to bear. First the fact that a woman in the Order could gain the highest fruit, become a saint, an arahant in this very life, which goal can be attained only very rarely in the household life.

Second, he brought up the very personal element of gratitude for the particularly meritorious services of Maha-Pajapati for the Buddha, which would be a good reason for him to help his step-mother now to gain final liberation. In response to these arguments the Buddha agreed to the establishment of an order of nuns, provided certain cautions and rules were followed.

One might gain the impression from this account, that it needed Ananda's intense and clever arguments to change the Buddha's mind. But an awakened one's mind cannot be changed, because he is always in touch with absolute reality. What happened here was solely the same event, which all Buddhas encounter, because all of them have established an order of nuns. The whole incident was not meant to prevent the founding of the female branch of the Order, but only to strengthen by that hesitation the message that this brought great dangers with it.

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  8. For this reason, the Buddha stipulated eight conditions, which were so selected that only the best women would agree to abide by them. They also served to bring about a separation of the sexes in the Order in the best possible manner.

    In spite of this, the Exalted One declared that because of the founding of the Order of Nuns the dispensation would last only five hundred instead of a thousand years. Following the Buddha's proclamation of the rules and regulations for nuns, Ananda asked him about the qualities a monk should have to be a teacher of nuns. The Buddha did not reply that he had to be an arahant, a saint, but indicated eight practical and concrete qualities, which also someone like Ananda, who was not yet an arahant, could possess.

    These eight qualities were: the teacher of nuns must be virtuous; second, have comprehensive knowledge of the Dhamma; third he must be well acquainted with the Vinaya, especially the rules for nuns; fourth, he must be a good speaker with a pleasant and fluent delivery, faultless in pronunciation, and intelligibly convey the meaning; fifth, he should be able to teach Dhamma to the nuns in an elevating, stimulating, and encouraging way; sixth, he must always be welcome to the nuns and liked by them — that is, they must be able to respect and esteem him not only when he praises them but especially when there is an occasion for reproach; seventh, he must never have committed sexual misconduct with a nun; eighth, he must have been a fully ordained Buddhist monk for at least 20 years AN 8.

    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)
    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)
    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)
    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)
    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)
    Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2) Guardian Wars (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 2)

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