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With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and gives us an opportunity to share our lives and dreams with those we love. Julien and Aurelie meld their visions and Moonglow is born. The Moonglow team takes their New York entrepreneurial spirit on the road to Miami, Florida and launch moonglow. Moonglow opens its first authorized retailer. Exhibiting in the competitive universe of trade shows begins. Prominent retailers take notice and want to partner with Moonglow.

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Thanks to the success of our business, we expand our base of operations. The story continues There is one cover throughout the extensive setlist, a rendition of Michael Sembello's "Maniac" performed by Eric Martin. Find the group performing throughout Europe till late May, remaining tour dates listed below! Avantasia's Moonglow World Tour Dates:. Karma Police - Please Share: If you've enjoyed this story, please share it:.

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Latest News. Jul 5, Happy 24th Birthday to "rockstar" Singer, Post Malone! Jul 4, Most played songs. Gigs seen live by. Links Songtexte.

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In the St. Louis area, only plant cultivars with good resistance to fireblight.

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Pears generally perform best in cool, dry climates where fireblight is less of a problem. Pyrus communis , commonly called European pear or common pear, is a parent of a large number of pear cultivars grown for fruit production. It has been widely planted in North America, and has escaped cultivation and naturalized throughout much of the eastern U.

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Foliage turns shades of red and yellow in fall. Aromatic, 5-petaled, creamy white occasionally flushed with pale pink flowers in corymbs appear in early spring on spur-like branchlets.

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Flowers give way to edible, pear-shaped fruits that ripen from mid summer to fall depending on cultivar. Specific epithet means common.

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Pears, like apples, are pome fruits. Pears are grafted onto rootstocks which, inter alia, control the size of the tree. The 'Moonglow' tree growing at the Kemper Center is grafted to a dwarf rootstock which limits growth to ' tall. Dwarf trees bear standard-size fruit but have the advantages of fitting into smaller spaces and of being more manageable e.

Creamy white flowers in dense corymbs appear in profusion in early spring. Pears are usually very susceptible to fireblight, particularly in years with warm and wet spring weather. Additional disease problems include anthracnose, canker, scab and powdery mildew. Insect visitors include pear psylla, coddling moth and borers.

Cold temperature injury to flower buds and flowers from early spring frosts is not uncommon.

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