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If you are a fan of pub quizzes, and have a good knowledge of the news events in the world, entertainment, film and music, sport, technology and science, politics and much more in the year gone by, then this is a great show to watch and have fun with. Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with celebrity panellists in three teams, the players were Richard Ayoade, James Corden, Russell Howard, Gabby Logan, Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall this quiz focused on the year with all sorts of questions to answer about the past twelve months about headlines, sport, people, music, movies, television, science, virals and water-cooler moments.

These questions are asked as they are, with video and sound clips, with pictures including Say What You See , and by celebrity and mystery guests on screen or in the studio, so it really does feel like a proper quiz that you can take part in. The jokes and the questions are what make this show so much fun, they always choose the right celebrity panellists, and it also works as a funny way to reminisce on the recent events you remember for good or for bad, a great comedy quiz show.

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Very good! Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. By far the worst big fat quiz, not because the jokes were weak but because they were disgusting and juvenile.

Colin Murray’s London 2012 Olympics quiz – how much do you remember?

One point for each correct answer. Which man won the Golden Raspberry Award in April for both worst actor and worst actress? Ravi Shankar passed away or was reborn in December George Harrison once called him "The Godfather" of what? On 17 August , who made headlines around the world after being found guilty of the crime "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred"? In which country did a power grid failure in July leave more than million without electricity?

In which sport were eight female athletes disqualified at the Summer Olympic Games for "not using one's best efforts to win a match"?

John Snow's News Report (Big Fat Quiz 2012)

Have you observed cats' behaviour at close hand? Do you consider yourself to be knowledgeable about all things relating to our feline friends? To find out just how much you know about cats, why not have a go at the questions in this fun new quiz book.

What is the oldest recorded age of a current living cat? What's the scientific name for the domestic cat? These are just some of the fascinating facts that can be found in The Cat Quiz Book. Covering a wide range of cat-related topics including famous cats, common expressions involving cats, peculiarities of feline behaviour, TV and film cats, and a whole host of catty trivia, this quiz book is certain to teach you something new about one of the UK's favourite pets.

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Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012
Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012
Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012
Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012
Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012
Quiz Book of the Year 2012 Quiz Book of the Year 2012

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