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Arcane Pages would be used for spells or scrolls such as Invisibility, or Banish Daedra. Since magic is now a rare thing, spell power has been ramped up slightly for viability as well. Two NPC's have been added to the game, one of which you discover early on in the game, carrying a note that explains some things in a cryptic way and leads you to the next NPC that can serve as a source of buying a few pages now and then.

The second NPC has been jailed by a Jarl as she specializes in destruction magic.

This NPC will also serve as the epicenter for quests as I design updates and more content for this mod. All of those random books you find, can now also be salvaged into materials used for crafting spell tomes and scrolls. Does work with Project Rain Forest. Tagged with: magic immersion crafting. This is an ongoing mod. When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.

Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon. Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod. SLAL Info :. Tagged with: animation pose mod. More than a year ago I decided to try one idea that has grown into a quest mod - "Thief". All that time this mod was available only for Russian-speakers, because I don't know English. But recently one man "Herr Zunder" translated it into English, so now I can share my mod with you. Translation of this description is also made by him. Hope you still get the point!

This is available as long as the main quest has not been started. I recommend the light version. SAM also works. The quest will begin after the stranger in Riften tavern talk to you. This can break the scenes. DD mods, combat mods - I don't recommend anything like that when you'll be playing "Thief", most likely it will lead to the hang of the scenes.

Incompatibility with Amazing Follower Tweaks, this mod will not let you pass the part with the chase.


Also, this applies to other plugins that make the player's horse immortal. One of the branches takes place at the same place where the store is. Many users had problems in the episode with the chase. Most likely this is due to certain mods that affects horses. So, if you use mods for horses, it's best to turn on the "easy mode for the horse" in the MCM menu.

Incompatible with many mods that change the extremer and some of the interiors of Salit here. Support in the development of the mod. You can place the mod on any other non-commercial resources, but access to the mod should be free, No paid file-sharing services, nothing like that. Also, please add in the description a link to my blog, and show credits of all authors whose resources are used in mod. I use a lot of resources and animations from other authors in my mod. I hope they don't mind.

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If anyone is against it, please let me know and I'll remove your files. I hope I didn't forget anyone. If so - tell me, don't be shy. I hope you will enjoy. This file should be opened onto desktop and reviewed.

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I also packed the textures to go with the new hairs, if you're sticking with original mod but you plan to take a few of the HG Haired girls you need to add the new hair textures to existing folder, i would copy paste the whole folder over. I also left a txt. Mix and match em' up, real easy. You need a body with textures installed. There are 2 versions.

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Other version is for non RDO users. These females have been Botoxed patched with new hairstyles. Botox is not required, KS Hairs is not required. Updated 2. I made sure they all had some perks,changed out Chain Lighting spells for generic custom Lightning Bolt spell does more damage Changed spells for the 2 VangBangers,they use Vampire spell now. Pretty minor stuff.

Aylianus followers Alicia and Shandra loves Breanna.

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This can cause problems for users that cant handle in house fighting with multiple followers, in addition its just kind of annoying when you don't want the other one to tag along or just show up. If your OK with this, that's great, if not there is options. Shandra is the follower out the 2. Easy option 2 remove particular AI package with Xedit. Those are you options.

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Sadly at one point i sucked Botox's requirements into this mod. Cleaning masters will not remove Hearthfire for me, Dawnguard would of been required either way. Those 2 dlc's plus update are required. Layanna: Lisbet's Sister,Markarth. Anwen at the Temple of Dibella got a workover too. It revolves around a shop keeper selling custom and unique pink items. The store owner stocks about 50 items currently, these can be bought and used. It's crude en rudementory. As the mod is in early beta don't expect a clean playtrough yet. Keep a clean save and don't use it on a save you might need to delete.

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As most devices are retextured now I will focus on more quest content. Please keep in mind that I'm a novice modder so don't expect a CD remake or something.

I also need help with content idea's for a tour around the mannequins text. If somebody want's to assist with this just comment in the thead. Location The shop is located opposite of the road at the Battle Born Farm at the outside of whiterun.

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It's just a good way to get custom items into the game. I did get inspiration from both mods of course. As DD also only supports these 2 bodies that shouldn't be a problem. Permissions All content remains property of the DD team If you want to use textures from this mod you can, I only ask that you credit me and respect the DD mod rules. Result is the same so the mod is not required anymore.

Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus) Strip Girl (Nexus)
Strip Girl (Nexus)

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