The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)

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The Spoils of Poynton

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Jane Eyre. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Little Women. Both Owen Gereth and Edmund Bertram are unaware that they are selflessly loved and protected by the heroine of the narrative, and meanwhile make relationships with other women who are morally suspect Mona Brigstock and Mary Crawford respectively.

Both heroines choose to keep their feelings hidden from others, and endure enormous amounts of self-sacriifice and denial in order to protect the object of their affections. Both of them maintain incredibly high standards of moral scruple in the face of other characters tempting them to do otherwise.

The Spoils Of Poynton by Henry James

In both cases an inheritance and rise in social position is at stake. The stories are variations of the Cinderella theme. But the difference is that Fanny Price eventually gets her man, whereas Fleda Vetch waits too long and loses both her man, Owen Gereth, and the treasures of Poynton Park, which goes up in flames. The Spoils of Poynton — Kindle eBook edition. The Spoils of Poynton — unabridged Audio book.

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The Spoils of Poynton — eBook editions at Gutenberg. The Spoils of Poynton — Video film 5 disk boxed set.

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Henry James at Wikipedia — biographical notes, links. Henry James at Mantex — tutorials, biography, study resources. Mrs Adela Gereth has lovingly nurtured a collection of art objects and furnishings in a grand old house at Poynton Park, but when her husband dies the property is inherited by her naive son Owen.

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She fears he will marry someone with no taste and the spirit of the house will become neglected or even violated. She befriends the sensitive and intelligent Fleda Vetch to share her concerns. But Owen becomes engaged to Mona Brigstock, who has no feeling for aethetic beauty at all, and who merely sees Poynton as a material acquisition.

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  6. Fleda is in love with Owen, but conceals the fact. When Mona demands that Mrs Gereth vacate Poynton as a condition of her marrying Owen, Fleda feels divided loyalties between helping Owen or his mother.

    The Spoils of Poynton - Paperback - Henry James, Bernard Richards - Oxford University Press

    Mrs Gereth goes to live at Ricks, a much smaller house which has been allocated to her, but she also takes all the best items from the collection at Poynton. Mona threatens to call off the marriage to Owen unless the goods are returned. Owen asks Fleda to negotiate with his mother for the return of the goods. However, Mrs Gereth devines the truth of the matter and offers to hand over Poynton and its contents if Fleda will marry Owen. Mona meanwhile delays the marriage and her mother Mrs Brigstock discovers that Owen has fallen in love with Fleda.

    Owen and Fleda eventually declare their love for each other, but she insists that Mona must first give him up voluntarily, so that he does not break his promise to marry her. Buy now. Delivery included to Germany. Includes delivery to Germany. Check for new and used marketplace copies. When she discovers that her young friend and sympathizer Fleda Vetch is secretly in love with Owen, she thrusts her into the battle-line. The power struggle that ensues between the three women leaves Owen vacillating. What is at stake is not the mere possession of tables and chairs; it is, for Fleda, a conflict between aesthetic ideals, ethical imperatives, and her innermost feelings, in which she risks betraying, and being betrayed by, all that she holds most dear.

    The Spoils of Poynton (Classics) The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)
    The Spoils of Poynton (Classics) The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)
    The Spoils of Poynton (Classics) The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)
    The Spoils of Poynton (Classics) The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)
    The Spoils of Poynton (Classics) The Spoils of Poynton (Classics)

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